AMMAN, Jordan, APRIL 7, 2003 ( Caritas-Iraq’s liaison office in Amman is planning to send basic medicines to Baghdad to supplement the dwindling supplies in 14 Caritas aid centers throughout war-torn Iraq.
A total of 230 people are manning these centers, the Amman office was told in a telephone call by Auxiliary Bishops Shlemon Warduni and Emmanuel-Karim Delly of the Patriarchate of Babylon of the Chaldeans.

The bishops reported that many people are seeking refuge in Catholic churches, where they spend the night and receive food and medical care.

At present, there is no lack of food, which can be purchased in the city’s markets, the sources reported.

In Basra and Um Qasr, in the south of the country, there is a high level of infection because of a lack of potable water, British experts of Caritas International in the area reported over the past two days.

These sources also said that the allied forces are working on the water supply in the outskirts of Um Qasr, which should make available 2.4 million liters per day.

As much as 300 dinars are being paid for a 20-liter can of water. The monthly salary in Iraq is 30,000 dinars.