This regularly updated page features notices from the Global Concerns Committee of the Sisters of Nazareth.

Office of Global Ministries Action Plan

The Office of Global Ministries in 2002-2003, will, in addition to other global concerns,  focus strongly on the Statement of the Charity Federation 2002, NGO Direction 2002+, especially as it relates to:

Hunger and poverty on the global level

Global economics issues

This focus will be promoted through:

Developing prayer/reflection/action packets for the Charity Family

Keeping members of the Social Justice Think Tank abreast of the most urgent needs and legislation as it applies to the Statement of the Charity Federation

Exploring what other groups are doing on these issues
Networking as an Office and in collaboration with Think Tank Members with other social justice groups around the country

Providing on-going information to the Charity Family on progress and follow-up actions on the issues of economics, hunger and poverty

Connecting with the Charity Family and especially the Think Tank on important justice issues