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The text of a presentation by Benajmin Romo, C.M. during the Vincentian Month in Paris, July 2002 for Advisors to the Vincentian Family.Of what family are we speaking?

When we speak about the Vincentian Family, we are alluding to all the Associations or Congregations whose lifestyle and apostolate are inspired by the many nuances of what is today called the “Vincentian Charism.”

Moreover, we know that charisms are gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to the Church through the intermediary of a person or group of persons for the service of the Church herself and for the world.

St. Paul speaks to us several times about charisms as gifts of God for the service of others. In his letter to the Corinthians he says: “There are different gifts but the same Spirit; there are different ministries but the same Lord; there are different works but the same God who accomplishes all of them in everyone.[1]

In my presentation I will speak about certain elements that foster unity among the different Vincentian Associations and their members. The unity that I am speaking about to you today desires to see Jesus?dream, ?hat they all may be one? become a reality. We also want to learn more and more about the common elements that enable us to unite our strength for a more efficacious commitment to be instruments of salvation for the poor. I am not going to say anything new; much has been written on this topic. Rather, my intention at this time is to remind you of what we are and what we accomplish as a Family.

In our Vincentian Family, as in all human families, there are certain members that see each other more frequently and build stronger relationships. In a family there are relatives that see each other occasionally at celebrations, while others have stronger bonds, such as brothers and sisters. In our Vincentian Family there are some Associations that are closer to each other, who see each other often, know each other as a close relative, like brothers and sisters. That is why the love between them is more visible: they deeply share life journey, difficulties, etc. They mutually collaborate and help each other to be formed so as to serve better.

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