On Pentecost 2002, American churches and faith-based organizations will invite our fellow citizens to hear and speak the truth about poverty in America and around the world. It’s time to change the national conscience and debate by reminding our nation of its obligations to those who are poor. God will judge our nation, not by its wealth and military power, but by how we treat the poor among us and beyond our borders.
* An international war against terrorism that doesn’t target global poverty is doomed to failure.
* The upcoming federal and state debates on welfare reform, food stamps, childcare, and international debt and aid must become moral discussions and not just political ones.
* We must change the debate and evaluate our success not by whether we are reducing welfare roles, but whether we are reducing poverty. Across the country, food banks, soup lines, shelters, and social services are all in greater demand while resources are shrinking.
* It’s time for a “Marshall Plan” to overcome global and domestic poverty.

For more information visit http://www.calltorenewal.com/pentecost2002.html