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lynnLynn gets a surprise… but still manages to reflect on

The Kingdom – Remember Me – Surrender – Our Father

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast – Tuesday November 26, 2013

Dear Vincentian Family:  We have so many people to pray for who are hurting.  We open our hearts and pray for peace between each of us and our families.  Lift each person to God to feel the love and Peace.  Today I pray in thanksgiving for such a loving family, but I especially pray for my husband Tony, who surprised me with a loving gift of a trip to Cuba for our 49th anniversary.  It was more of a shock than a surprise as I quickly cancelled appointments and meetings and rescheduled same.  However, as I look out my window to blowing snow and freezing temperatures, this is truly a gift of love.  I will have a good deal of time to pray for all of you, and I bring each of your names with me and know you will be in my prayers.  Pray for our clergy as they enter a busy time and pray for those who are homeless.

The Kingdom – Where is the Kingdom?  We read this in Scripture and hear the complaints.  Scripture as we journey toward Advent is quite doom and gloom, so we truly have to look for the good.  One thing while reading about the Kingdom is the Kingdom is within us.  We have to be the Kingdom to share with others.  We see the goodness around us even when there is devastation.  We are the Kingdom!  It is wherever we are and we ensure we live to deserve being the Kingdom.

Remember Me – This is the amazing question of one of the robbers crucified with Jesus.  I always love this Gospel.  Remember me when you come into your Kingdom.  I liken this to forgive me Jesus, so I may come into your Kingdom.  So here is another sense of Kingdom.  Doing good, knowing we are sinners and trying to do better. In everyone we encounter, we bring Jesus and His goodness to the scene.  If we live this way we will share in His Kingdom. Remember me Jesus I long to do your will.

Surrender – This is the key to being and receiving the Kingdom.  Surrendering to anything is not easy.  In society it is like defeat, giving up and not getting our way.  Surrendering to God is getting everything.  Give in.  Choose your battles, but don’t make them with God.  Let God win.  It will be refreshing to your heart and make your life so easy to live.  We don’t have to have the latest style in God’s eyes; we are loved in our surrender and made to feel the most special.  We are heroes in God when we say “Yes and surrender our will to Him.  It will truly lead us to be Christ like in our service to others.  We have to work hard at the surrender aspect, but it will be worth it.  I read a story from www.famvin.org/en :  Lessons – Pope Francis on laundry duty.  He surrendered.  A quote from the story truly touched my heart, “closeness to the poor is important for the formation of a priest’s heart.”  His (Rev. Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis) mantra at the time was: “You’re going to learn from these people before you teach them anything,” the young Jesuits recalls.  Read article in www.famvin.org/en .  You will be glad you did.

Our Father – Who art in heaven.  He belongs to all of us.  You’ve heard me say many times I find this the perfect prayer.  I look on God as a loving dad or even a grandpa, who belongs to all of us.  He is in heaven waiting for us.  He will welcome us where we will live forever with Him.  Hallowed be His name.  Not many things around us are hallowed, but many are Holy, if we open our eyes to them.  God gave us so many beautiful holy and sacred things, just look around you – your family – a rainbow – a baby.  There is so much to God’s holiness.  Thy will be done.  It is all about God both on earth and in heaven.  He wants what is best for us, our families and everyone we serve.  Give us this day our daily bread.  You can put your own interpretation on what the bread is.  I believe that when we pray for our daily bread, we are asking for the Son and for ourselves to be worthy to receive Him.  Yes, we need the bread for our bodies, but mostly we need it for our souls and to shine forth and share the gift with others.  Forgive us our trespasses and keep us from temptation.  We could use this line alone several times a day, at least I can.  We pray this prayer, a gift from Jesus with confidence and we do believe it is His will and the Kingdom will come.  The way to the Kingdom is prayer.  Figuring yourself out is a lifelong project.  Let God help you.

You may receive this early this week, if I get all my ducks in a row and if I can get computer access you will have next week’s on time.  Get ready to prepare yourself for Advent.  It is so special to sharing the coming of Christ with anyone who does not know Him.  Showing Him is love and the pathway to doing this perfectly is prayer.  May you feel the love and protection of the Trinity each day and minute in your life.



Lynn  L’Heureux is Special needs co-coordinator & Advisor of the Society of St Vincent de Paul Calgary Alberta Canada

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