Champion of Protecting Trafficked Persons

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Daughters of Charity, Vincentian Family

Personal Advice from a Champion of Protecting Trafficked Persons – Sister Mary Jo Swift, DC

Guest Blogger, Sr. Brenda Fritz, DC shares about a Daughter of Charity dear to her who passed away last month.

Having lived with Sr. Mary Jo for 2 years I was blessed to learn so much from her before her death on 8/2/13.  I created this “bucket list” to share the key lessons, both simple and profound, which Sr. Mary Jo instilled in me as means of living a peaceful life of service, prayer  and community. She herself learned these lessons over a long, beautiful, and inspiring life of 82 years.

Pray. Center. Knit.
Recycle and repurpose.
Detach and live simply. God provides.
Cultivate and live “I want what God wants.”
Advocate for victims of human trafficking and teach others to do the same.
Pray. Center. Knit.
Plant flowers.
Walk with God in nature.
Savor the poetry of Jessica Powers.
Enjoy a glass of Zinfandel.
Pray. Center. Knit.
Be clear, simple and straightforward with everyone.
Be assertive but diplomatic.
Quietly do small “behind the scenes” things that make a big difference for others.
Pray. Center. Knit.
Be confident.
Wear hand-me-downs.
Nurture friendships.
Feed the hummingbirds.
Pray. Center. Knit.
Commit to a cause.
Laugh until you cry.
Learn new things no matter how old you are.
Surprise friends with an unexpected text in the middle of the day!
Pray. Center. Knit.
Watch baseball.
Be the first to wish others Happy Birthday.
Pop in to support other Sisters in their ministries.
Reach out to family.
Learn Spanish.
Pray. Center. Knit.
Surrender in peace.

Hands joined in a picture taken moments before Sr. Brenda said goodbye to Sr. Mary Jo Swift.
hands of Sr Mary Jo and Sr Brenda


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