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Pope ‘s unscripted comments

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Church | 5 comments

A verified summary of private comments by the Pope on a variety of sensitive issues is prompting increased media coverage. For the source texts that most commentary articles are referring to visit the following sites

Whispers in the Loggia – influential source for news of ecclesiastical matters

Rorati Caeli – blog fostering traditionalist Mass and values

The group that released the notes has apologized to the Pope for releasing the material but confirms the authenticity of the notes.



  1. Ross

    One of the two signers of the apology is CLAR’s secretary, Gabriel Naranjo Salazar, C.M.

    Says Vatican Insider’s Alessandro Speciale today: “It could just be a coincidence, but it is interesting that the very day after the storm raised by the publication of some excerpts from statements the Pope allegedly made about the existence of a ‘gay lobby’ in the Vatican in his meeting with Latin American religious, Francis brought up subjects and remarks he was said to have made in that meeting.” Certainly not naïve, Pope Francis must have known, I’d think, that something said to a group of people in private audience—even if they were sworn to secrecy—would have the potential of spreading like wild fire.

  2. Beth

    I read the reports of those “unscripted comments” and found much to rejoice in… I made the mistake of browsing through the comments on Rorate-Caeli. Many of the commenters seemed to have read something quite different from the words I read. I found words that indicated a pope who is attempting to be open to the Spirit and who is willing admit that it is not always clear what things mean and how to respond.

    Like Ross — I don’t think the Pope is naïve. Was it Mark Twain who observed that “3 people can keep a secret — if 2 of them are dead”?

  3. Peggy Baumgartner (Towson)

    I like reading the Pope’s “unofficial” talks. He is not making declarations of doctrine, “Ex cathdra pronouncements”, but voicing his reflections on the Mass scripture readings of the day or the Saint of the Day. I don’t know why this is causing concern. It is an informal approach that I think most people like to read and hear. Often Pope Francis also seems to direct his comments to group attending Mass that day too. Please keep them coming.

  4. Ross

    Amen to “Keep them coming!” I find it good to wonder what he is going to say next, so that I check NCR and Vatican Insider almost first thing in the morning. Pope Francis creates a sense of unease and expectation, necessary to hear God’s word. That the Pope does not seem to be worried about so-called “leaks” tells me he is transparent.

  5. John Freund, CM

    I also regularly check for his sayings and enjoy a pastor preaching. The best source I have found so far is It is interesting how long it took for the Vatican to recognize this form of pastoring and to beging posting his morning reflections. I am hoping that someone will soon begin compiling his list of “one-liners” or sayings.

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