Memorial Day Virtual Retreat

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Busted Halo is offering the following Virtual Memorial Day Retreat which contains some simple ways to go beyond the parades.

Remembering those we have lost in the service of country and community

Memorial Day weekend we dust off the grill, break out the lawn chairs, and head downtown to the first parades of the year. But wait! Memorial Day isn’t just the unofficial start of summer. It’s a day to remember those who have made an extraordinary sacrifice in the service of their country and local community. Busted Halo’s® Virtual Memorial Day Retreat guides you through moments of reflection and thanksgiving for the soldiers, police officer and firefighters who have given their own lives in the service of others.

Take a few moments to appreciate the rights and freedoms that are important to you:

  • Drive or walk around your town paying special attention to the police and fire stations, flags 
  • waving, and memorial ribbons for soldiers serving abroad
  • Reflect on having the right to vote, practice your own religion, and gain an education
  • Finally, remember that women and men have given their lives to defend these rights and freedoms

Now, settle into the moment…

  • Find a silent or peaceful place
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply
  • Recognize that God is with you

Loving God, Jesus told us…

Click  to download the full  2-page PDF.



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