Pentecost Sunday

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pagolaIn need of salvation

The Holy Spirit of God is not owned by the Church. It does not belong exclusively to religions. We have to call on him to come upon the whole world that so badly needs salvation. Come, creator Spirit of God. There is no peace in your world. Your sons and daughters are killing each other blindly and cruelly. We do not know how to resolve our conflicts without resorting to the destructive force of arms. We have gotten used to living in a world bloodied by wars. Awaken in us respect for every human being. Make us peace-builders. Do not abandon us to the power of evil.

Come, liberator Spirit of God. Many of us your sons and daughters are slaves to money. We are trapped in a system that prevents us from walking together towards a more human world. Those who are powerful keep getting richer, and those who are weak, poorer. Release in us the strength to work for a more just world. Make us more responsible and supportive of one another. Do not leave us in the hands of our selfishness.

Come, renewing Spirit of God. Humanity is broken and fragmented. A minority of us your sons and daughters enjoy a life of comfort that is increasingly dehumanizing us. A vast majority die of hunger, poverty and malnutrition. Inequality and social exclusion are growing among us. Awaken in us the compassion that fights for justice. Teach us to defend always those who are last. Do not let us live with a wounded heart.

Come, comforter Spirit of God. Many of your sons and daughters are living without knowing love, home, or friendship. Others wander around lost and without hope. They do not know a life of dignity, only uncertainty, fear or depression. Rekindle in us attentiveness to those who spend their lives suffering. Teach us to be closer to those who are most alone. Cure us of indifference.

Come, kind Spirit of God. Many of your sons and daughters do not know your love or your mercy. They leave you because they are afraid of you. Our young people no longer know how to talk to you. Your name is being wiped out from consciousness. Awaken in us faith and trust in you. Make us bearers of your good news. Do not leave us orphans.

Come, vivifying Spirit of God. Your sons and daughters do not know how to take care of life. We do attain progress without destroying; we do not know how to grow without hoarding. We are making your world an increasingly uncertain and dangerous place. Many are becoming more fearful and their hope is being extinguished. We do not know where we are headed. Infuse us with your creating breath. Make us walk toward a more wholesome life. Do not leave us alone. Save us!

José Antonio Pagola

May 19, 2013
Pentecost (C)
John 20, 19-23


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