Vincentian Marian Youth April 2013

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New of the Vincentian Marian Youth Association throughout the World.


The group has sent us a list of activities that were carried out during the first quarter.  This included a formation plan for those young men and women who are at the first stage and the intermediate stage of the VMY.  They are preparing for their National Assembly and the feast of the VMY which will take in June and July respectively (to view photos of their activities, see the Informational Bulletin of January-February).


In January 2013 ten new regional advisors were appointed for a term of three years. From February 28th – March 3rd the Advisors met together in Vung-Tau where they reflected on the document concerning the process of formation.


The group has sent us a report of their activities for the period 2011-2013.  From April 12-14 the National Council met under the motto, Mary, companion in giving witness to the faith, and discussed the campaign of self-financing.


The group has sent us a copy of their activities for 2013: weekly service in providing some form of health care; celebrate Christmas and Easter and the Vincentian feast days together; an annual retreat, sale of second-hand clothing, visit the elderly and those who are orphans…


The international Council will be visiting Egipt during July 2013. We are counting on your prayers so this gathering might be successful and also provide us with new experiences that we can share with all the young men and women in the association.


    The Director General confirmed the following appointments: Wagner Marques (President, Brazil), P. Chrisandus Amble (Advisor, Kenya) Sister Maria Eliza Barranco (Adivosr, Philippines) and Father Maunel Fernando Soares (Advisor, Portugal).

The International Team participated in the Easter Celebration with young people in Castellnovo (Pamplona) and we are grateful for the opportunity to share in this wonderful and yet intense experience.

The International Team is preparing for the II African Encounter which will take place in Cameroon, July 3-7, 2013.  We ask the Lord of the Harvest to enable the representatives from all of the different countries to be present at this important gathering.

The Vincentian Youth Gathering and Word Youth Day are less than 100 days away.  Therefore there is a need to prepare our luggage.  What will you bring with you?  Prepare yourself with the catechetical material that is available at:

For the full Bulletin with graphics and more in-depth studies VMY-April 2013 ENG



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