holy weekVincentian Voices are heard with increasing frequency this Holy Week…

Sr. Carol Schumer, DC

(The) passages for this Sunday bombard us with activity: untying, helping, riding, spreading, praising, proclaiming, rebuking; eating, drinking, sharing, debating, arguing, telling, professing; praying, sleeping, kissing, betraying, striking, healing, arresting; following, denying, remembering, weeping; beating, questioning, charging, sending, mocking, accusing, shouting; carrying, lamenting, crying, crucifying, forgiving, watching, sneering; offering, calling, believing, promising, commending, dying; asking, taking, wrapping, laying, following, seeing, preparing, resting.

Ross Reyes Dizon

And we cannot stay away from our assembly (Heb. 10:25), if we want to remain excited on account of Jesus, not so much that one whom we dress up with the silken garments of Roman emperors and aristocrats with escort, but as this one who is obedient even to death on a cross, without clothes, between two criminals, and who makes of the poor a Church.

Jose Antonio Pagola, CM – Holy Week

Detained by the security forces of the Temple, Jesus no longer has any doubt: the Father has not listened to his wishes to continue to live; his disciples flee, looking out for their own safety.

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