Vincentian examination of conscience

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As we progress further into Lent perhaps we can examine ourselves against these 5  characteristic Vincentian virtues. (See SlideShare version prepared by VinFormation.)


  • Do I always speak the truth?
  • Do I say things as they are or as I want them to be?
  • What causes me to conceal or hide something from another?



  • Do I try to resolve conflicts with gentleness?
  • Do I know when to be gentle and to be forceful
  • Do I know how to temper my anger so to be gentle in a given situation?



  • Do I recognize the truth of who I am?
  • Do I protect myself by intimidating others?
  • Do I cause others to be on the defensive?
  • Do I treat people as well as I think I  should?



  • How do I define mortification
  • When was the last time I gave up something good to do something better?
  • How do I experience mortification in my daily life?



  • How does my life reflect my passion and zeal of life in Christ?
  • What have I done for my own on-going formation?

This can be viewed as a Slideshare Presentation on Vinformation  

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1 Comment

  1. Lynn L'Heureux

    I really enjoy this examination of conscience. I will be sending the link to other Vincentians.
    Blessings for all at Famvin. Thanks for always educating us.

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