One hour retreats with the saints

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One hour retreats for busy people ..

(Anyone up to adapting this for the Vincentian family?)

About Classic Wisdom (1 Hour) Retreats
The Classic Wisdom (1 Hour) Retreats answer the need of busy people today for at-home spiritual guidance that’s steeped in the Catholic tradition, offers real tools for real life, and creates the support of a community of disciples following the Lord. The retreats are online and are based on the best-selling series the Classic Wisdom Collection. Each volume of the Classic Wisdom Collection provides time-tested spiritual guidance for living a Christian life, and each 1 Hour Retreat seeks to do the same. The retreats are offered for the convenient low price of $9.99.Available Retreats:

How to Overcome Anger with St. Francis de Sales
How to Put the Pieces of Life Together with St. Jane Frances de Chantal
How Not To Be Tormented with Worries about the Future with Jean-Pierre de Caussade
How to Meditate and Love God with St. Jane Frances de Chantal
How to Find Blessings in Everyday Troubles with Jean-Pierre de Caussade
More coming….

What to Expect in the 1 Hour Retreat
Each 1 Hour Retreat with the Saints opens with a transition prayer from the stresses of the day to an hour in which you can meet God and reflect on how the wisdom of the saints could free your spirit and bless your life. The transition includes relaxation, deepening awareness, Scripture and an opening reflection. You will be introduced to the saint or spiritual writer and the kernel of her or his wisdom. You will have received in your registration confirmation a link to a Handout containing the writings we will reflect on as well as a Tool for Life which we will explore, making the spirituality we reflect on practical for everyday living. Near the end of the hour, we will ask the light of the Holy Spirit and each person will be invited to share a sentence that moved them and which they desire to carry with them as they leave. After any requests for special prayer intentions, there will be a closing prayer.
How to Register
The Classic Wisdom (1 Hour) Retreats are offered online at Choose the retreat and date that best suit your schedule from the Retreat Calendar to the right. Register using the form that is provided. You will be given a Meeting ID number and links to PDFs of the two handouts we will be using, which you may print at your convenience. When the retreat time arrives, go to, click on Join a Meeting, and put in the ID code. It’s that simple. ( will download a small program onto your computer.)


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  1. marguerite broderick

    Some Vincentian Topics might include:
    Retreat with St VdP – How to avoid treading onthe heals of Providence
    Retreat with LdM – How to follow God through narrow streets
    Retreat with RR – How to pray in the streets
    Retreat with FOz – How to learn from those living in poverty

  2. jbf

    What a great set of topics! Any takers?

  3. jbf

    Regina Bechtle offers some suggestions…
    Great idea! I would love to contribute to this project, though for me, it would have to be in snippets (rather than chunks) of time.
    It needs someone to pull a group together, even virtually, and I’m not that person right now. Maybe someone will be inspired…

    I’d suggest adding Kieran Kneaves, DC (, Judith Metz, SC ( and Mary McCormick, SC ( to the mailing list. Each has written and given retreat talks on the topics.

    Marguerite’s topics are good. I would also add:
    Retreat with Elizabeth Ann Seton How to meet your grace in everyday faces and places

    One last note: the SC & DC Vocation Directors developed an excellent online discernment retreat, with modules based on Vincent, Louise, and Elizabeth Seton. Perhaps some of their material could be used with minor tweaking.

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