What is your Lenten question?

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Carolyn Woo, President & CEO Catholic Relief Services… “What are you giving up for Lent?” This is a question we ask each other as Ash Wednesday approaches.

A slightly different question that I like to ask myself is, “What are you going to do during Lent?”

She follows with

“My answer this year is, “Participate in CRS Rice Bowl!” This long-standing and popular program has been reimagined to make it an even more meaningful experience for Catholics of all ages.

Visit crsricebowl.org to find out how your Lenten sacrifices can make a lifesaving difference in the lives of our poorest brothers and sisters overseas.

What you give up for Lent really can change lives.

Perhaps as Vincentians we should be asking what can we do during Lent that will change lives.

Perhaps it might be worthwhile thinking more about the Vincentian Family’s option to foster Systemic Change.


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Footwashing graphic courtesy of FreeBible Images, an excellent resource that really is free.

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  1. jbf

    Busted Halo offers these questions…

    • What part of my life do I need to expose to the Holy Spirit in the sanctuary of my heart?
    • What temptation is prevalent in my life that does not allow me to follow Christ?
    • What type of penance might be the best response? Prayer? Fasting? Almsgiving? Works of Mercy?
    • If I choose to turn to prayer, what type of prayer would be most helpful? How often? Where?
    • If I choose to fast from something in my life, what would make me feel its absence so keenly that without it I would need to cling to God? What I choose may be material, but it might also be fasting from a certain action, such as using sarcasm, or refraining from gossiping.
    • Would a work of mercy respond best? Where might the Holy Spirit want me to be present to volunteer my time and enter into the need of others and be present to them?

    With this approach, I hope that your Lent and my Lent are more than just waiting for the day when we can eat chocolate or have that cup of coffee again. I hope that Lent can be a time of growth for you so that you too can know the blessing of being empowered by God’s Spirit.

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