Vincentian Family Health Care Institutions

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Vincentian Family

U.S.-Canada Health Care Institutions Related to Branches of the Vincentian Family

Ascension Health (the US’s largest Catholic and nonprofit health system)
Daughters of Charity Health System(California)
St. Thomas Health Systems (Middle Tennessee)
Daughters of Charity Services of Arkansas
St. Vincent’s Health System (Alabama)
Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans
Seton Family of Hospitals (Texas)
Daughters of Charity Services of San Antonio
St. Vincent’s Medical Center(Bridgeport, CT)
Catholic Health of Western New York
St. Vincent’s Healthcare (Jacksonville, FL)
St. Agnes Hospital (Baltimore, MD)
St. Catherine’s Nursing Center(Emmitsburg, MD)
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System
Sisters of Charity of New York Health Services
Bon Secours Charity Health System(Southeastern New York)
Trinitas Regional Medical Center(Elizabeth, NJ)
St. Joseph’s Healthcare System(Paterson, NJ)
St. Mary’s Hospital (Passaic, NJ)
Hospital of St. Raphael (Connecticut)
Vincentian Collaborative System(Pittsburgh, PA)
Rendu Services (Southwestern PA)
Providence Health Care (British Columbia)

This is just a starter list. Who should or should not be on this list?

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