Unseen London – London’s history with dose of homeless

by | Jul 8, 2012 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses

After 4 years sleeping on the streets of London Viv is now a ‘sofa sleeper’. She says she is on the waiting list for council housing, but that may take a few years.

Viv is a homeless tour guide for Unseen Tours, a very unique walking tour in several areas of London that gives people a little bit of history on both this amazing city and it’s issues of homelessness. Viv says she survives by selling the Big Issue, and the tours help supplement her income. For me, meeting Viv and taking this tour is a memory I will cherish forever.

Viv says homelessness in London is increasing, yet because of the Olympics people are being pushed to others areas. Viv feels the biggest need to end homelessness is more affordable housing. Walking home from the tour I passed by a realtor that had 2 bedroom flats listed in their window starting at £2,200,00.


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