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174 members of Congress thank American Nuns

by | Jul 3, 2012 | Justice and Peace | 2 comments

These courageous nuns were at Selma in 1965. Now coinciding with the Nuns on the Bus cross-country tour, 174 members of Congress co-sponsored a resolution commending the American women religious community for their tremendous impact on our nation. In this YouTube video, 75 of those representatives add a personal note to the sisters.

YouTube coverage of their bus tour advocating on behalf of the less fortunate among us.


  1. Nora

    How will the Vatican respond to Nuns on the Bus???

  2. georgia hedrick

    The position of the Vatican about Sisters is what inspired the movement of ‘Nuns on the Bus’. The Vatican wants Sisters to focus on the evil of abortion, the situation of Homosexuality, and ‘gay’ marriage.
    Here is a link that informs: Kaufmann

    My thought is: most men fear homosexuality existing.–Bishops included. Have you ever searched the CCatechism for its theology on or about homosexuality? It gives us one paragraph.

    It basically says: it exists and don’t give in to the urges. That is it.

    So, what does that do for a Catholic who is a homosexual or a lesbian?

    And then I wonder: why aren’t the Bishops more focused on pedophilia?

    There is a lot of confusion and fear in the College of Cardinals and among the Bishops, in my opinion.

    Power to the Sisters who are focusing on the poor and their needs! That is something that can be solved. gh

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