How large is the Vincentian Family?

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I recently saw the following statistics…

 The Congregation of the Mission numbers some 3,200 priests, brothers and deacons. They serve in 85 countries on all continents and are structured into  50 provinces and vice provinces, as well as four regions (which are administered by a province, and if they flourish will go the eventual route of becoming a vice province and then a full-fledged province).
On the 1st of January 2012, we are 17,743 Daughters of Charity living and working in 2,114 Communities in 93 Countries.
I think it would be very instrcutive to get similar statistics for other branches of the VIncentians Family.
If you would like to contribute  information for your particular branch of the Family to building up this picture click on the Comment button and let us know.



  1. Emily Casson

    The VIP did a mapping exercise a couple of years ago and found that the Vincentian Family has an amazing 1848 groups, houses, Churches or projects in England, Scotland and Wales.

  2. Lucy Ann Saunders

    The Ladies of Charity of the United States of America (LCUSA) had in 2011 approximately 8,000 members plus 344 Jr. Ladies of Charity in their 67 associations throughout the United States.

  3. jbf

    Thanks Lucy!
    You reminded me to check the AIC International site.
    “An International association of more than 200.000 volunteers of whom most are women,
    52 associations present in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, USA”

  4. Karl Michael Hila

    I think the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP) numbers around 700,000 in 140+ countries.

    • jbf

      Thank you very much! Would it be possible to identify a source? Perhaps there is a statement on the international site.

  5. Manuel

    Hi Padre,

    From the Society’s international website:

    There are around 51,000 conferences in the world, with over 700,000 members. Working with the members, in particular tasks to help different groups of people (children, the elderly, the sick, schools, hospitals, etc.) are more than 1,500,000 volunteers, throughout the world, since there are Conferences of the SVP in 142 countries.
    (retrieved 21 June 2012 from

    • jbf

      Many thanks Manny! We often use figures like one or two million members of the Vincentian Family so we shall soon see how that number is arrived at.
      We are currently around the one million mark with just four branches reporting.

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