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Julio Suescun, CM , long time editor of the Spanish language version of Famvin has died after a lengthy battle with cancer. Father also served in the international Curia of the CM in Rome editing Nuntia, Vincentiana and other publications. Those of us who worked with over more than a decade will always remeber his quick wit and and infectious laugh.

Funeral will take place at 11:00 AM, Tuesday, June 12 in the parish church of St. Vincent de Paul at Casablanca – Provincial House, Calla Las Misiones 9, Zaragoza

His life and works

Born in Larraga (Navarre, Spain) on May 7, 1935, he studied Humanities at the Apostolic in Pamplona from September 24, 1946 to September 15, 1951. He entered the Congregation of the Mission on September 22, 1951, at Limpias (Cantabria, Spain), where he did two years of Novitiate. He spent three years studying Philosophy at Hortaleza (Madrid, Spain) and four years of Theology in Cuenca (Spain), Salamanca (Spain) and London (UK). He was ordained on September 29, 1959.  Assigned to Hortaleza (Madrid, Spain) on February 20, 1961, he served as Subdirector of Internal Seminary, Director of Students and Professor of Philosophy until 1965. He was licensed in Psychology.

With the division of  the Spanish of Provinces, he was assigned to Zaragoza to lead the new Student House. Elected Visitor of the Province of Zaragoza 30 March 1979, he served until March 29, 1982.

Later he was elected Director of the Daughters of Charity in the Pamplona Province from 16/07/1983 to 16/07/1989.

Self-taught in computing, he built several Web pages of the Vincentian Family in Spain and directed the Spanish versions of Web pages of the Congregation of the Mission and the International Vincentian Family. He was executive secretary of the SIEV for seven years. After four years at the General Curia (2007-2011) as Director of Vincentiana, returned to the province of Zaragoza. He died in Zaragoza on June 10, 2012.

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  1. Beth

    I shall certainly miss this gentle, little man with his “few little questions” (those questions filled pages of notebook paper in very small handwriting — they were never few, and never small).

    His smile, his laugh, his spirit and his willingness to adapt to new ideas and new ways of working were essential as we grew this FAMVIN project in many languages.

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