“We are teaching Digital Kids today.  This video, created by Best Buy, shows us how kids are using technology and asks the question whether Best Buy will be ready for the next generation of gadgets boys and girls will want.”

CyberPilgrim wrote… “I sat and wondered, will catechetical leaders and catechists be ready to teach (ENGAGE) a generation that is being referred to as Digital Natives?  Are our skills on par with the skills of the Digital Natives?  I often watch young people using technology and they are excited and eager to communicate using their digital tools.  On the other hand, as I listen to adults – there is often a critical attitude: They are texting too much! They need to learn how to talk to one another! They…. you can finish the sentence.  I’m assuming that you have a critical comment as well.

Watch the video and think about the question about how we will engage this generation in ministry.


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