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Brothers of Charity and the Vincentian Vision

by | Dec 17, 2011 | Vincentian Family

The Brothers of Charity are a religious congregation founded by the “Belgian St. Vincent”, Peter Joseph Triest in 1807. With Vincent as their patron their mission is to promote a culture of charity wherever people are wounded in their existential capacities. Their special concern is mental health and they do much work through their NGO Global Action Against Poverty  which is actively involved in specific councils and conferences at UN-level, especially in the field of mental health care

On October 10th 2011, the World Federation for Mental Health organizes World Mental Health Day. Global Action Against Poverty wants to give its full support to this worldwide initiative. The psychiatric centres of the Brothers of Charity in the South are therefore organizing different activities at the occasion of World Mental Health Day and collect signatures for a petition.

List of activities organized by the Brothers of Charity for World Mental Health Day:


Centre Neuro-psychiatrique de Kamenge (CNPK):

  • awareness raising commercials on mental health care in local media
  • lectures on different topics:
    • situation of mental health care in Burundi
    • community-based approach towards mental health care
    • CNPK as national reference centre
    • expertise and scientific/technical approach
  • Panel discussion broadcast by RTNB  (Radio Télévision Nationale du Burundi)
  • Visit of the Burundian Minister of Public Health

Centre de Soins Mentaux Gitega:

  • official opening of the centre
  • opening ceremony
  • speech by the visitors, the governor, a representative of the mentally ill and the Minister


Sahabat Kita Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (Purworejo):

  • Mental health Seminar: organized by Sahabat Kita in collaboration with the Indonesian Schizophrenia Care Community and with the support of the Rotary Club of Merapi Jogja and Kanisius Book Publisher Company
  • Distribution of 1.000 Mental Health Awareness Posters in different provinces. The poster is intended to give facts regarding Mental Health in Indonesia.
  • Hand-over of petitions to policy makers

Ivory Coast:

Maison des Soins Psychiatriques Saint Vincent de Paul

  • Guided tour at the psychiatric centre and conference on mental health care in the presence of the Mayor of Yamoussoukro, the Governor of Yamoussoukro District, the Health Minister and the Prefect of the Région des Lacs on World Mental Health Day.
  • 11-14 October: awareness raising activity in the streets of Yamoussoukro organised by the staff of the psychiatric centre and with the logistic support of the fire brigade of Yamoussoukro, press interviews and counselling for homeless psychiatric patients.
  • 11-14 October: free psychiatric consultations

Report (French) on World Mental Health Day activities organized by the Brothers of Charity in Ivory Coast.


Comisión de Salud Mental de Ayacucho (COSMA):

  • A round table with the theme “The Great Push: investing in Mental Health in Ayacucho” with the participation of the authorities, the Church, specialists in the field of mental Health Care and COSMA.
  • A Hand-over of petitions to the local authority.
  • Two days for training sessions with Professionals of Mental Health coming from Lima, for professionals who are working in regional mental health care and also for students from different programs related to mental health.
  • Three day open exposition about the BOC and  Mental Health Care and the evolution of the interventions in Mental Health Care.
  • Parade with the different public organizations which work in Health Care.
  • A social sharing with families and patients.

Pictures on World Mental Health Day activities organized by the Brothers of Charity in Peru.


Holy Face Rehabilitation Centre for Mental Health (Tabaco)

  • Motorcade and opening programme on October 3rd
  • Residents day with students of Aquinas University and Bicol University on October 10-12th
  • Free psychiatric consultation in Libon Albay on October 14th
  • Family support group meetings
  • Hand-over of petitions to policy makers

More detailed info

Report on World Mental Health Day 2011 in Tabaco.

Sri Lanka :

Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre (Kalmunai)

  • Organized visits to the centre for the students of the Carmel Fatima College on September 30th. Awareness raising seminar, discussions and launch of GAAP petition.
  • Family day for relatives of the patients
  • Hand-over of petitions to policy makers in the capital Colombo

Report and pictures on awareness raising seminar.


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