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Re-imagine the way America addresses poverty Catholic Charities Poverty Summit

by | Sep 19, 2011 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses | 1 comment

Catholic Charities USA sponsored the National Poverty Summit which brought together national leaders, local experts, practitioners, volunteers, advocates, academics and others to advance the work that needs to be done to reduce poverty in America and in our world.

The Poverty Summit strives to:

  • Inspire active participation in a national movement to reduce poverty in America
  • Re-imagine the way America addresses poverty
  • Strategically identify, design and implement innovative and measureable tactics towards the common goal of reducing poverty in America.

An interesting exercise…

  • How would you inspire, re-imagine and act?

1 Comment

  1. jbf

    Hosting bishop’s words on the occasion of this meeting…
    “…I have always greatly valued the work of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. When I was a student at Kenrick Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, I learned much about the heritage and life of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Vincentian family (including Frederick Ozanam and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul) from the priests of the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity. That was an important part of my formation that is with me to this day. I have an icon both of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise De Marillac in my chapel in the Cathedral Rectory here in Fort Worth….
    North Texas Catholic

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