Avert Financial Catastrophe While Keeping a Safety Net in Place
Joe Flanagan, President of the SVDP USA writes, “It’s time for a preferential option for those living in poverty!

 Dear Vincentians,
Our elected representatives are debating serious issues regarding our national debt. At the same time, those discussions could have serious — and negative — repercussions for the people we serve.  Please consider sending the attached message to your elected representatives, urging them to work with their colleagues and President Obama to come up with a clear, reasonable plan that ensures economic stability for all citizens, especially the most vulnerable in our communities.
Yours in St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederic Ozanam,
Joseph D. Flannigan
National President
Take action by clicking on this SVDP link and consider sending the following letter.

The whole reason for the existence of government is the common good, and in these challenging times, it is imperative that government decision makers focus on the interests of the citizens of this country to avert financial catastrophe. Congress must work in concert with President Obama. this includes seriously considering a progressive tax on superfluous wealth to solve the poverty of government and the poverty of those who labor in low-wage jobs across this country. For the common good please come together to ensure economic stability.

Now is the time for clear, rational action. Now is the time to raise hope for those without jobs, to restore faith in government, to care for the elderly and sick, and to make sure that children living in poverty have sufficient food, shelter, and the opportunity for a decent education. Now is the time for a preferential option for the poor.

Please find a way to move forward and work together to solve the fiscal crisis while keeping the safety net in place for the most vulnerable in our midst.

We are counting on you.

Respectfully yours,

See also the statement of the US Bishops.

Bishops to House: Budget Cannot Rely on Disproportionate Cuts in Services to Poor Persons, Requires Shared Sacrifice by All

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