Video interview of Sr. Elisabeth Charpy, DC

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CharpyFamvin is proud to present  rare opportunity to view a video of  Sr. Louise Sullivan, DC  interviewing Sr. Elisabeth Charpy, DC about the life and works of St. Louise de Marillac.  Sr. Elisabeth has inspired generations of Daughters of Charity and researchers such as Louise Sullivan. This segment covers the early history of the Daughters of Charity including care of the foundlings, care of galley slaves, and care of wounded soldiers. The conversation is in French but famvin has provided sub-titles and graphics. Sr. Louise Sullivan did the video-recording in Paris.


  1. Nancy Murphy, DC

    Wonderful video – She is such a font of knowledge of Louise and Vincnet. I look forward to additional parts of the interview!!!

  2. John Freund

    Here is a list of Sister Elisabeth’s books.

    Publications de Sœur Elisabeth Charpy

    Sainte Louise de Marillac , Ecrits spirituels – Compagnie des filles de la Charité, Mame 1983

    Contre vents et marées – Compagnie des Filles de la Charité, Paris 1988

    Un chemin de sainteté – Compagnie des Filles de la Charité, Paris41988

    La Compagnie aux origines, Documents – Compagnie des Filles de la charité, Mame 1989

    Petite vie de Louise de Marillac – Desclée de Brouwer 1991

    Louise de Marillac, un feu dévorant , présentation de textes – Desclée de Brouwer1994

    Spiritualité de Louise de Marillac, itinéraire d’une femme – Desclée de Brouwer 1995

    Prier 15 jours avec Louise de Marillac – Nouvelle Cité 2006

    Prier 15 jours avec Catherine Labouré – Nouvelle Cité 2010

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