Vincentian Lay Missionaries – USA: A New Website

by | Jan 14, 2011 | Announcements, Missions inter gentes, Vincentian Family | 2 comments Lay Missionaries-USA (VLM) is a collaborative effort of the Daughters of Charity USA, lay women and men throughout the United States, and members of the Vincentian Family in Ethiopia and Kenya, to involve young adults in the mission of serving the poor.

The VLM program offers an opportunity for young adults, ages 21-35, to travel to Ethiopia and Kenya to serve in the Vincentian tradition. The experience will require participants who can adapt to simple living, a flexible mindset, reflective lifestyle, community spirit and service commitment.

Founded in 2005, and led from its infancy by Daughter of Charity Mary Beth Kubera, VLM drew its model from our Irish lay missionary brothers and sisters, and added some new perspectives peculiarly our own. That’s who we are: Vincentian missionaries with a dash of American ingenuity:

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  1. Mary Gray

    Very nice website and facebook link. Looking forward to following VLM on-line.

  2. Kellie

    LOVE the website!!! What a great resource for prospective applicants and VLM alums. It’s so nice to see the beautiful images of Ethiopia and Kenya. The website really captures the Vincentian spirit of the program. Well done!

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