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St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent dePaul

Vincent had a passion for the poor and a genius for networking and organizing others to meet the full range of needs, both material and spiritual, of those who live on the margins of society.

St. Vincent DePaul (1581-1660) was not only the founder of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) but also the Daughters of Charity, the Confraternities of Charity and Ladies of Charity (1617).

A man of deep faith and enormous creativity, he is known as the "father of the poor" and "Universal Patron of Charity". His contributions to the education of priests and services for the poor shaped our church's role in the modern world.


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21 June in History

1652: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare on zeal, which deals with the reasons for having a great zeal for our perfection and for salvation of souls, acts of this zeal and misconducst against and the means to conserve and raise it.

1698: The Lord of Longué and his wife signed a establishement contract with Mother Juliana Laboue of three sisters for the care of sick and the education of poor girls in parishes of Longué and Saint Philibert, near Saumur. It was required to send the Daughters as soon as possible. They would have left Paris on Monday, July 21.

1776: The Lord of Fleury in Bière passed contract with Mother Renée Malville and superiors for establishment of three Daughters of Charity in his lands for service to the sick and education of poor girls. Details were given on housing and annuities. The departure of the Sisters took place in October 1777.

1852: First ten Daughters of Charity are received by Msgr Danicourt and Fr Mountagneux in the port of Ningbo (Ningpo), China. They will settle in Zhejiang (Chekiang) province. To avoid problems in these politically scrambled times, they landed by night on board of a corvette which brought them from Macao.

1870: Population of Tianjin (Tientsin), China was shocked by the slander at the Holy Infant Mission, where massacred were two Vincentians: Frs Ou and Chevrier and ten Daughters of Charity who were taking care of Chinese children.

1881: In Paray-le-Monial, in the chapel of the apparition of Jesus to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, at ten o'clock, the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, Fr Antoine Fiat, accompanied by the Superioress General of Company of Daughters of Charity and several Lazarists and Daughters, read, kneeling in the middle of the sanctuary, the act of consecration the Congregation of the Mission and the Company of Daughters of Charity to the heart of Jesus. Next,text of the document was enclosed in a gilt heart on which the following words are engraved: on one side: «Les Enfants de saint Vincent, dévoués et pénitents, au Cœur de Jésus» (Children of Saint Vincent, dedicated and penitent, in the Heart of Jesus" and on another: «Antoine Fiat, Supérieur général, 21 juin 1881» (Antoine Fiat, Superior General, June 21, 1881). The reliquary was placed near the table representing the emergence of the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary.

1890: In Montolieu died Fr Paul Antonio Nicolle CM, born in 1817. He was missionary in Tours where numerous conversions were noticed retentively, professor in Amiens, and then Superior in Albi where he has a profound influence on seminarians. In Valfleury, he found the money necessary for the completion of the sanctuary and lead to coronation of the Virgin venerated in this place for ten centuries. In 1860 he founded the archconfraternity of the Holy Agony, and in 1864, the Institute of Sisters of the Holy Agony yielding honor of the Christ of Gethsemane with a life of prayer and penance and engagement in home care for the sick and spiritual care of girls. In 1984, the Institute was renamed as Religious Sisters of Christ of Gethsemane.

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Vincentian People, Places and Ideas

Many people in the Society and Church of Vincent de Paul's time had an influence on his life and work.

Some of those who follow Vincent's approach to proclaiming the Gospel are recognized at Saints and Blessed by the Church.

There are reminders in many places in France of the life of Vincent de Paul.

Vincent and Louise were masters in fostering collaboration among groups that normally had little contact.


Former Superior General, Fr. Robert Maloney, CM often pointed out how the circle of poverty is increasing.

He reminded people that more than ever we need to expand the "circle of solidarity" and often invited us to be creative especially in reaching out to the young.

Reflection for Sunday Readings

John Is the Name of the Son of Zechariah and Elizabeth

Jesus Christ is divine mercy in person]. It is fitting, then, that his Forerunner has John (“God has shown favor”) for a name. It is fitting, too, that Scripture accounts about John instruct us.

Full reflection: Nativity of St. John the Baptist, Year B-2018

Sowers of the Seed of the Kingdom of God

Jesus is the Sower of the seed of the kingdom of God. This Teacher wants his disciple to imitate him and be sowers who put their trust in God and are persevering.

Full reflection: Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B-2018

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Getting to Know the Vincentian Family

In the more than 300 years since Vincent and Louise died many have been inspired to walk in their footsteps. Collectively they are known as the Vincentian Family. The following section is devoted to information about what is common and unique in the ways these people walking in the "way of Vincent."

Vincentian-Setonian Researchers


The Congregation of the Mission history project described below is but one example of what the followers or Vincent and Louise are studying and writing about. Many others are researching and writing.

  • Vincentian-Setonian Researchers is the place for people to describe the work they are engaged in and the kind of things they would find helpful in their work.

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Vincentian Formation

History of the Congregation of the Mission Project


Fr. John Rybolt, CM, and others are currently writing a projected five volume history of the Congregation of the Mission.

The project began in 1992. Upon the death of José María Romón Fuentes, C.M., Father John Rybolt was appointed to continue the work begun byJosé María Romón Fuentes, C.M., and Luigi Mezzadri, C.M.

This began in 2004, resulting first in an outline of the entire work, divided into four volumes: Vol. III: From the French Revolution to 1843; Vol. IV: 1843-1878; Vol. V: 1878-1915; Vol. VI: 1915-1984. We conclude at 1984, it being the year of approval of the new Constitutions.

The following segments are the first in a series of articles concerning the history of the Congregation following the French Revolution.

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