CHAPTER III Chastity, poverty, obedience, and stability

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CHAPTER III. Chastity, poverty, obedience and stability (C 28-39)

S.16.--The community plan which each com-munity draws up for itself as far as possible at the beginning of its work year, should include all of the following: apostolic activity, prayer, the use of goods, Christian witness where we work, ongoing formation, times for group reflection, necessary time for relaxation and study, and an order of day. All these should be revised periodically.

S.17.--The provincial assembly should adapt its norms concerning the practice of poverty to the Constitutions, and to the spirit of the Common Rules and of the Fundamental Statute on Poverty given to the Congregation by Alexander VII ("Alias Nos supplicationibus").

S.18.--Individual provinces and local com-munities, paying attention to the diversity of place and circumstances, should look into ways of observ-ing evangelical poverty and review them periodically, knowing for certain that poverty is not only a rampart of the Community (cf. CR III, 1), but also a condition for renewal and a sign of progress in our vocation in both the Church and the world.