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This is a temporary page created in support of a presentation made the the Board of Directors of the Sisters of Charity Federation. As such it is meant to give merely a taste of what is available without placing the burden of extensive note-taking.

There is no guarantee that it will remain in its present form after Dec. 1, 2008

What is famvin?


  • web site available in multiple languages in varying stages of development
  • three components of English site - New, Reference and Formation
  1. visitors from over 140 countries
  2. intended as site of the family even if Congregation of the Mission foots the bill

Formation resources



  • Learning can be fun
  • Adults learn differently
  • Ease of replicabiity

Of particular note is the section on Systemic Change



  • Currently 5 languages in varying stages of development
  • Over 1000 entries and growing every day
  • Regularly indexed by Google leading to high ranking in google searches for Vincentian terms



  • News posts - about 2 day

Note that there are three ways to search for material and that you can subscribe to have posts sent to you automatically

Wide variety8 of featrues on the entry page

Guides to materials

The following links provide insights into how to use all of the above resources.


  • Prayers
  • Connect with your idea and content people
    • We are at the service of your people - creatives, charism specialists, etc.
    • It can't be a real family site without you and your PR people
    • Not much extra work - repurpose material that already exists for news blog, VE or wiki
  • Identify native speakers in Spanish, French, Italian or other languages who could assist in translation work.


  • FlipVideo possibilities FlipVideo, esp. advocacy - Sample uses How the video can be used to tell the story of those marginalized by society.
  • Database

Unfortunately I forgot to present the project to create a database of the Vincentian Family. Sheel has been created and simply needs to be populated with the cooperation of leadership