Andre Dodin

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Jose Maria Roman writes...

André Dodin, "Saint Vincent de Paul et la Charité" [Paris, Du Seuil, 1960], 188 pages), is a slender volume which is much more important than its small number of pages might suggest. It is an extraordinarily good synthesis which penetrates the interior world of Vincent de Paul and the inestimable work he did and it succeeds in rediscovering for us the living and smiling image of the saint of charity. At the same time, the author's skilful and thought-provoking questions move the reader to study the subject further by reading a longer and more detailed work.

Dodin, André, “Louis Abelly, Biographe de Saint Vincent de Paul,” Thèse du doctorat; 3 vols., mimeographed.

Vincent de Paul and Charity: A Contemporary Portrait of His Works and Apostolic Zeal Hugh O'Donnel (Editor)