On Friday, 4 August 2017, the National Council of the Vincentian Family in Egypt held its fourth meeting at the convent of the sisters of St. Jean Antide in Sakakini Square, Cairo.  The attendees were: Father Milad Sedqi Zakhari CM [Coordinator of the National Committee of FamVin Egypt], Father Joseph Milad, CM, Sister Marcel Beshara, DC, Sister Pauline Masouh, Sisters of Divine Charity, Sister Hanan Adib, DC [VMY], Sister Mervat Zaki, DC [AIC], Sister Salwa Fawzi, DC [Miraculous Medal], Dr. Youssef Farid, [SSVP], Mr. Yousef Fikri [SSVP], Mr. Peter Georgi, [MISEVI], and Mr. Andrew Wagdy, [VMY].

Participants discussed proposals for three important events in the coming period: The feast of St. Vincent de Paul 27/9/2017, World Day of the poor 19/11/2017, and the conclusion of the Liturgical year of the Vincentian charism 25/1/2018.  The following suggestions were given:

  • Conducting Vincentian competitions between the schools of St. Vincent and St. Jean Antide in Cairo, to introduce students to St. Vincent and his spirituality;
  • Starting initiatives to serve the poor through long-term sustainable projects;
  • Initiatives to serve homeless children;
  • Choosing a poor village in the Upper Egypt and caring for the children there physically and spiritually; and
  • Providing hot meals for poor families.

In addition, it was agreed that each branch would celebrate the feast of St. Vincent and the Day of the Poor on the local level.  The celebration of the end of the Liturgical Year of the Vincentian charism will be prepared with the participation of all the branches.

In addition, the Council decided to:

  • Activate the Facebook page of FamVin – Egypt and the link: https://www.facebook.com/Famvin.egypt/;
  • Share the quotes of Saint Vincent and Saint Jeanne-Antide Thouret with all the branches especially for the benefit of our employees; and
  • Think of a methodology to introduce St. Vincent and his spirituality in our educational institutes.

The officers of the National Council were then elected according to Article 5 of the internal regulations of FamVin Egypt. The results were as follows:

  • Coordinator of the National Committee: Father Milad Sedqi Zakhari, CM [appointed by the Visitor of the Congregation of the Mission]
  • Assistant Coordinator: Sister Mervat Zaki, DC
  • Secretary: Mr. Andrew Wagdy
  • Treasurer: Sister Pauline Masouh, Sisters of Divine Charity
  • Webmaster: The magazine was replaced by Facebook (Famvinegypt): Mr.  Peter Georgi

The next meeting is scheduled for 27 October 2017 at the Monastery of the Sisters of Charity in Al Helmeya Al Gedida.

Submitted by Mr. Andrew Wagdy [VMY], Secretary


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