One month ago the Vincentian Family Office (VFO) published the First Vincentian Family Commissions Meeting that was held in Rome in January, 2017. The VFO has been publishing the strategic plans that each commission wrote up during the meeting.

Today we introduce the Strategic Plan of The Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative.

The Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative (VFHI) has a 3-year strategic plan that launched in 2015 and evaluated in January 2017. The goals are weighed below.

Strategic Plan + Update on Projects                                       

  1. Education
    • VFHI has 17 schools in a comprehensive education program. The final year of the program culminated this year and VFHI voted:
    • VOTE: Direction of Program
      • VFHI will hire an education consultant to perform an evaluation of the program considering, school feedback, consultants feedback and reviewing of past reports.
      • Determine how best to replicate this model in La Hoye.
  2. Farm
    • VFHI is expanding the farm with one additional building that will be dormitories.
  3. Program with the South of Haiti – Post Mathew
    • VFHI is working to assist in the post-Hurricane Mathew disaster by providing seeds and plantings to replace those lost.
  4. Evaluate Strategic Plan
    • Evaluation of past work via the strategic plan
    • Assisting 500 Families
      • 152 Families have been assisted
      • 50 Farmers will be assisted in farmers network this year
      • 219 Families — total number of families assisted
      • Vocational Training will be considered as part of our plan in relationship to agriculture.
    • Open up a Second Social business
      • Working on farmer’s network/cooperative with VFHI as the middle person buyer.
    • Work on the Road.
      • Aside from small-scale work, no additional work has been done. Road is as good as it will get for the foreseeable future.
  5. New Collaborations
    • Update on Visit with the Trinitarians. Trinitarians will begin working directly in La Hoye in June, 2017.

Commission Meetings Question                                              

  1. At the request of the VFEC, each group was asked to evaluate the appropriateness of its Commission name and if it needed to be changed to better reflect its work and mission.
    • Our name is appropriate when reflecting on the work and mission. It would also be difficult to change given our legal status.
  2. How does your Commission help in the process of Communication?
    • We help in the process of communication because we essentially are working in the realm of systemic change and we periodically communicate our work.
    • We’ve decided we could do a much better job, and have committed to doing some case studies and doing a better job with our social media.
  3. How might our Commissions promote or incorporate the 400th theme of the VF (on homelessness) into its mission?
    • We incorporate it in three ways:
      1. We have the Dominicans of Haitian descent that have been sent back to our working area. They’ll benefit from the increased farming activities.
      2. Increased income to farmers and our future work with the schools will result in parents not sending their children to the capital to live in a state of inadequate housing with relatives to attend “better” schools.
      3. Increased income for locals in the area will lead to better housing since our area suffers from chronic inadequate housing.




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