VFEC Meeting 2017

Most of the Vincentians around the world have heard about the Vincentian Family Office which is located in Philadelphia, USA. Perhaps few of you know one other member of the team who works for the Vincentian Family in this Office.

Since the office is serving the Vincentians, we want to share a short biography of the team. We hope, sharing our stories will make it easier for you to contact us with your valuable information. Together we can make collaborative ministry a hallmark of Vincentian Family ministry for and with those we serve.

We hope you will enjoy learning who we are, where we came from,  and our ministries before serving at the Office.

Fr. Joseph Agostino, C.M.

Fr. Joe Agostino, C.M., presently serves as the International Coordinator for the Vincentian Family Office (VFO) since its beginning on Pentecost 2015. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York (NY), USA, he’s been a priest of the Congregation of the Mission (CM) since 1983. After serving in parish ministries in Brooklyn, NY, Baltimore,

After serving in parish ministries in Brooklyn, NY, Baltimore, Maryland, and as part of the itinerant parish renewal team, Fr. Joe was named pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish, Brooklyn, NY in 2000 until 2009 when he was asked to initiate a planning process for the CM Eastern Province.

Fr. Joe has been assigned to various projects by the Superior General of the CM: provincial/regional planning; CM 2013 Visitors Meeting and 2016 General Assembly preparatory commissions; Wise Assets Management workshop team member (Advancement strategies and wise money management) for the international Vincentian Family. He also coordinates the Vincentian Family Collaboration Commission and the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative.

We will be sharing the bio of all members of the team every week.

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