Quote of the Day – June 2

How good God is to those who detach themselves from the affections of the world to unite themselves to Him (II:160).

Quote of the Day – June 1

Zeal which goes outside the enclosure of love of the neighbor is no longer zeal, but the passion of antipathy (II:157).

Quote of the Day – May 31

All those things are nothing but exercises for your purgation, illumination, and perfection, and so that you can sympathize with those whom you see in similar dispositions. It is God’s plan that those who are to help others spiritually fall into the temptation...

Quote of the Day – May 29

Perfection consists in a constant perseverance to acquire the virtues and become proficient in their practice (II:146).

Quote of the Day – May 28

Always remember that in the spiritual life little account is taken of the beginnings. People attach importance to the progress and the end (II:146).