Quote of the Day – June 7

God takes away the fear of death from those who have feared it during their life and who have practiced charity toward the poor (I:587).

Quote of the Day – June 6

We must act against what is painful and either break our heart or soften it to get it ready for anything (I:579).

Quote of the Day – June 5

No matter where we are or what we are doing, we will always be tempted and distressed; that is our cross. If we wish to follow Jesus Christ, we must carry it (I:562).

Quote of the Day – June 4

God is sovereignly glorified by our abandonment to His direction, without our discussing the reason for His Will, except to say that His Will is His reason and His reason is His Will (I:551).

Quote of the Day – June 2

There is no means of profiting by preaching if one does not preach from the depths of compassion (I:526).