Quote of the Day – May 6

If there is any good in us and in our manner of living, it comes from God, and it is up to God to manifest it, if he thinks it advisable. As for us, however, we are poor, ignorant, sinful men, who should keep ourselves hidden, as being useless for any good and...

Quote of the Day – May 5

Courage, let us be steadfast for now that we are priests, we are obliged to greater perfection and to be of greater assistance to souls (VI:194).

Quote of the Day – May 4

Was there any one of the Apostles or any one of all the saints who did not need to do violence to himself in order to resist the attacks of the flesh and the world? (VI:193).

Quote of the Day – May 3

According to the world, pace and health are the treasures of life; according to the state in which you are, they are also two sources of good, since they give you the means of serving God and the people better (VI:188).

Quote of the Day – May 2

There is as much a difference between one vocation and another as between the sun and the moon or between day and night because the vocation that does not come from God is only the shadow of a true vocation (VI:176).