Quote of the Day – October 4

Since God is satisfied with our good will and honest efforts, let us also be satisfied with the outcome He gives to them (III:206).

Quote of the Day – October 3

What would it be like if everything were favorable to us, and what right have poor people like us to expect that we will always be successful? (III:206)

Quote of the Day – October 2

The Church has enough solitaries… her great need is evangelical men who work to purge, enlighten, and unite the Church to her Divine Spouse (III:204).

Quote of the Day – October 1

I beg Our Lord to bind all of us together in His pure love, so that together we may love Him uniquely, strongly, and eternally (III:203).

Quote of the Day – September 30

Conscience urges me to limit myself to what I can do and to honor the omnipotence of God by recognition of my own powerlessness (III:198).