Quote of the Day – March 25

You will merit just as much by patiently awaiting the Master’s will as by doing it when it is made known to you, since you are ready for anything— ready to leave, ready to remain (V:528-529).

Quote of the Day – March 24

I praise God for the zeal with which your workers are laboring and for the other graces He bestows on them and, through them, on the people. I ask His Infinite Goodness to grant them the strength of body and mind needed for such an important and arduous ministry as...

Quote of the Day – March 23

When a person is determined to give himself to God without reserve, temporal interests must accommodate themselves to this plan (V:490).

Quote of the Day – March 22

Since you are entrusting yourself entirely to God’s goodness, you must allow God to continue to work through you (V:490).

Quote of the Day – March 21

Missionaries should strive to remain lowly and unknown and not to make a display and cause others to esteem them (V:485).

Quote of the Day – March 20

Begin with something small and have great love for your own abjection. This is the spirit of Our Lord and that is how he acted and that is also the means of attracting his graces (V:485).