Daily Reflection – January 17

“Sloth begets sin in the soul and disease in the body.”
– St. Louise de Marillac

– Lord, never let my own ease or selfishness come before fulfillment of my obligations to family or to you.

Daily Reflection – January 16

“Grace has its moments. Let us abandon ourselves to the providence of God and be very careful not to run ahead of it.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, I want to make every moment of the present count. Create in me a great sensitiveness to your grace working in others and in me, so no opportunity for good will be neglected today.

Daily Reflection – January 15

“Without prayer, I should be of little service.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Before beginning my work today, I will take a few moments to reflect and listen to you speaking within me.

Daily Reflection – January 14

“I hope Our Lord will give you a share in the patience He practiced, not only in enduring fatigue but in seeing Himself abandoned by many who began to follow Him, even by the apostles, through no fault of His but because of their heedlessness.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, I recall the situations and persons that seem to trigger unjustifiable anger in me and beg you to heal me of this fault.

Daily Reflection – January 13

“You will be judged not on efficiency and success, though these must be sought for, but on love; and your professional work must be the channel through which you express your love.”
– Rev. Joseph Jamet, C.M.

– Lord, your ways are not my ways. Sometimes I find myself caught up with being successful and competitive. Help me to keep a proper balance with your love as my first motivation.

Daily Reflection – January 12

“Aid the sick in a constructive way and call upon their cooperation.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Sometimes sick people fail to cooperate because they are afraid or disturbed by their lack of control over their situation. Help me, Lord, to be a sensitive listener so I can become aware of their unspoken concerns.

Daily Reflection – January 11

“True charity, in our century, consists less in giving relief than in understanding and sustaining the effort for liberation which is agitating the classes and the minority groups.”
– Mother Suzanne Guillemin, D.C.

– O God, purify me of all my personal prejudices. Give me an understanding heart, always ready to listen and be open to the opportunity for dialogue.

Daily Reflection – January 10

“God accepts the undertakings of one who presents things frankly just as they are.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, I want to be open and honest in everything I do or say. Teach me to be truthful without subterfuge, neither embellishing nor minimizing the facts as I see them. Give me the courage to do this.

Daily Reflection – January 9

“When in charity we feel we must give some spiritual counsel, we must never be so egotistical as to expect a hungry man, or one distracted by worry over the rent to listen to our words about God until we have helped to relieve his misery.”
– Bl. Frederic Ozanam

– Lord, help me to keep in mind that the poor must be relieved of their misery before giving them your message.

Daily Reflection – January 8

“Though the doctor is a member of the staff, he has need of your intelligent and devoted cooperation.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Heavenly Father, it is so important in this day and age for physicians and staff to work as a team. Keep me mindful that the input of all members of the team is necessary for the positive outcome of the work being done.

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