Daily Reflection – December 6

"Indiscreet zeal is not good-- people often spoil good works by rushing ahead and by acting according to their own inclinations which, contrary to common sense, make them think that the good they see to be done is feasible and timely, although this is not so; their...

Daily Reflection – December 5

"I must jog along the allotted path through all its windings and weariness until it brings me home where all tears shall be wiped away, and sorrow and sighing be heard no more. In the meanwhile, Courage!" (CW 1:345) - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - My way to you, Lord, has...

Daily Reflection – December 3

"If the love of God is a fire, zeal is its flame; if love is a sun, zeal is its ray." (CCD 12:250) - St. Vincent de Paul - O God, may the work of my hands be done with enthusiasm as well as efficiency. Help me give all my work today that extra touch of fervor.

Daily Reflection – December 2

"The world sometimes censures us for not conforming to certain of its requirements; but it is edified when it discovers that we are influenced by principles of virtue, whilst it justly condemns those who are gained over by its false applause." (SW: 538) - St. Louise...

Daily Reflection – December 1

"It does not suffice for me to love God if my neighbor does not love him." (CCD 12:215) - St. Vincent de Paul - Lord, you have graced me with your love in so many countless ways. Make me aware of opportunities to make you known to those who don't know you.

Daily Reflection – November 29

"Nothing can be worse than a state of dependence. But if it is my allotment it cannot be better than when supplied by the hand of real friendship." (CW 1:380) - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Heavenly Father, I offer to you, today, my independence which I value so much and...

Daily Reflection – November 27

"A Sister of Charity's Rule of Life should be for her what wings are to a bird-- motive force without weight." (CCD 10:79) - St. Vincent de Paul - Lord, we all need direction or a rule of life. May these structures provide us with a sure and simple way to you.

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