Daily Reflection – November 8

“This union of my soul with God is my wealth in poverty and joy in deepest afflictions.” – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Lord, let nothing today prevent me from enjoying your dwelling within me.

Daily Reflection – November 7

“The good God always does our business when we do His.” – St. Vincent de Paul Sometimes Lord, I have trouble keeping my priorities straight. When this happens, turn me around to the right path.

Daily Reflection – November 6

“May the radiance of your charity be a beaming light, and may there never appear amongst you, either in the community, or with outsiders, or in speaking about them, any rivalry, jealousy or that spirit of the world which inclines us to criticize, blame or...

Daily Reflection – November 5

“God communicates himself more fully to the soul deprived of human consolation.” – St. Louise de Marillac It is a great consolation to know you are always present within me, Lord, willing to listen, comfort and understand, even when there is no one...

Daily Reflection – November 4

“Changing places does not change a man.” – St. Vincent de Paul O Lord, when I am tempted to think that a change of place will change me, help me to see that I am the one who needs to do the changing.

Daily Reflection – November 3

“Foresight is a good thing as long as it is subjected to God and His plans– but it becomes excessive when we put ourselves out to avoid something we apprehend. We expect more from our own endeavors than from God’s Providence and we imagine we are...