Daily Reflection – November 18

“The most excellent works are not those that have the most pomp, extent or renown, but rather those where you can most easily get at souls, and do them good.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Sometimes the work I do seems endless and without noticeable results. At those times, Lord, give me the grace to be satisfied that the good accomplished will only be realized over time.

Daily Reflection – November 17

“When we meet with things very pleasing, before yielding to the joy they elicit, let us raise our hearts to God and thank His loving mercy which sends us the consolation.”
– St. Louise de Marillac

– Lord, it seems that I always call upon you with my needs, but seldom in times of joy. I will make an effort to remember that you are the cause of my consolation and joy.

Daily Reflection – November 16

“If we are faithful in small things, God will entrust us with those that are greater.” (CCD 11:346)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, nothing done for you is small in your sight. I praise you for gifting me with talents to place in the service of others. Help me to use them wisely.

Daily Reflection – November 15

“We must ask God himself to perform our duty; then, if our strength fails, He will bear the burden.” (CCD 13b:438)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Sometimes the burdens I carry seem too heavy to bear. Help me to realize you never leave me to carry my crosses alone, Lord.

Daily Reflection – November 14

“I am satisfied to sow in tears if I may reap in Joy.” (CW 1:335)
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Thank you, Lord, for the sorrows and pain in my life that help me to share more fully in your Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

Daily Reflection – November 13

“Trust our Lord to be your efficiency.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Sometimes, I pride myself on my ability to “make things happen”. Remind me, Lord, that any success I have comes from you who are its source.

Daily Reflection – November 12

“I beg you to consider all things in the designs of Providence and, while humbly and carefully doing your share to contribute to success, leave the rest to the good pleasure of God.” (CCD 7:390)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, the real test of faith is to remain in peace while awaiting the outcome of a proposal or other matter on which I’ve invested time and effort. Guide me through those times; leaving the outcome to you, knowing that even in failure, I’ve done my best.

Daily Reflection – November 11

“Corporal maladies are advantageous to us when we suffer them for the love of God and with conformity to His holy will. We prove thereby that the soul, the nobler part of our being, is in perfect health.” (SW: 326)
– St. Louise de Marillac

– Physical illness reminds me of my great dependence on You, Lord. At such times my prayer will be to accept whatever comes as a blessing and not a curse. May Your holy will be done in me!

Daily Reflection – November 10

“You should bring to the sick two kinds of food: corporal food and spiritual food; that is to say, some little word from your meditation, were it only five or six words, to help them to acquit themselves of their duty as Christians or to bear their sufferings patiently. God has called you to this.” (CCD 9:467)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– In the course of my day, may those I meet go away feeling blessed and encouraged because of their contact with me.

Daily Reflection – November 9

“To serve the poor is to serve Jesus Christ. O my daughters, how true this is! You serve Jesus Christ in the person of the poor, and this is as true as that we are here present.” (CCD IX:199)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– May I see your image, Lord, in every person I come in contact with today.

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