Daily Reflection – November 28

“Even though you are unaware of it, Our Lord will not fail to sanctify you if you remain faithful to Him.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Keep me faithful to you, today, Lord in everything I do, think, or say.

Daily Reflection – November 27

“A Sister of Charity’s Rule of Life should be for her what wings are to a bird– motive force without weight.” (CCD 10:79)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, we all need direction or a rule of life. May these structures provide us with a sure and simple way to you.

Daily Reflection – November 26

“Let us accustom ourselves to entreat rather than command; to instruct more by example than by precept.” (SW:682)
– St. Louise de Marillac

– Heavenly Father, may my influence for good be felt more by my example than by my words.

Daily Reflection – November 25

“I beg Our Lord to be pleased to renew His Spirit in you so that all your activities be His and the resulting fruits be fruits of everlasting life.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Today, Lord, I rededicate myself to You and ask for a fresh outlook on my work so the good resulting from it may give You glory.

Daily Reflection – November 24

“You must not be surprised at being tempted since the Gospel assures us that Our Lord himself was tempted.” (CCD 6:213)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– When my humanity gets in the way and I am tempted to take the easy way out of something, be there, Lord, to show me the right way to go.

Daily Reflection – November 23

“I have observed that any good resolutions or exercises begun at the recurring period of our birthday are more seriously impressed upon the mind, when we reflect that a birthday on earth more easily transfers our thoughts to the birthday of our future existence.” (CW 1:545)
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of life, and when my next birthday comes around, I will make a sincere effort to review my personal goals in the light of eternity.

Daily Reflection – November 22

“What God asks of us in particular is to have great care to serve the poor, who are our Lords. Oh yes! They are our Masters.” (CCD 9:97)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– O God, teach me how to serve the poor with great tenderness and compassion, realizing I am indeed their servant and owe them everything.

Daily Reflection – November 21

“God makes use of the humblest instruments, for the extraordinary operation of His grace.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Loving Father, I believe you can do all things. Make me a worthy instrument of your grace so that the good you want done for others may be accomplished through me.

Daily Reflection – November 20

“God rejects the gifts of those who are wedded to their own will.” (SW:196)
– St. Louise de Marillac

– Lord, teach me how to be open and listen to the advice and opinions of others. Above all, the humility to compromise or change when wisdom shows me a better course of action.

Daily Reflection – November 19

“Make use of God’s gifts quite simply; if you think you have done anything good, attribute the glory to God.” (CCD 9:69)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, forgive me for the times I seem to forget that all my gifts and abilities come from you and didn’t originate from me! Teach me humility and modesty in the use of my talents.

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