Daily Reflection – July 28

“Free your mind of anything that troubles you; God will take care of it.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

When my worries loom heavily over me, I will surrender them all to your care, Lord, and place myself under your loving protection.

Daily Reflection – July 27

“It may come to your mind that you have not enough intelligence to conduct so large and difficult a house. To this I shall reply that there will be two of you
to do it: Our Lord and yourself, and with Him, all is possible.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Lord, you have said that your grace is sufficiently given for whatever you ask of us. Knowing that is a comfort to me and I will ask for what I need, in your most powerful name.

Daily Reflection – July 26

“How liable we are to err in our judgments respecting others unless we thoroughly know the motives of their actions.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

How easy it is to rashly judge the actions of others! Lord, if I err regarding others, let it be on the side of charity.

Daily Reflection – July 25

“Evenness of temper is a particular virtue, a state which supposes an aggregate of all the virtues, an external manifestation of the peace and beauty of the interior.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

How many occasions for petty aggravation come up during the course of my fast moving days! When I am aware of this, I will try to pause, take a break and “lighten up”. Lord, help me to become patient with others and also with myself.

Daily Reflection – July 24

“…Our vocation is to set the hearts of men on fire, to do what the Son of God did, who came to set the world on fire…”
– St. Vincent de Paul
Inspire me with enthusiasm for your work, Lord, that others may be drawn closer to You by my example.

Daily Reflection – July 23

“The virtue of gratitude will prepare our hearts to receive the graces we need to serve the sick and poor with meekness and compassion.”
– St. Louise de Marillac

Lord, I am humbled by the many ways you continually bless me and the great privilege I have of serving you in the poor. May I always treat them with the respect and compassion they deserve.

Daily Reflection – July 22

“No matter what others say or do, even if the wicked succeed, do not be troubled: commit everything to God and put your trust in him.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

If I place my trust in you, Lord, I will not be concerned about what others think or do.

Daily Reflection – July 21

“You know how unwilling we are to deny ourselves, how unwilling to be reproved and contradicted, how a trifling thing will make us sad, how we delight to be commended while, with a sort of natural cruelty we see blame and faults in others which we are scarcely willing to excuse.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Holy Spirit, come with your gift of wisdom and enlighten me that I may become so aware of the inconsistencies in my own life, there will be little time to find fault with anyone else.

Daily Reflection – July 20

“O sir, what a faithful image of Our Lord is participation in the meekness and humility of his heart! How it portrays his manner of acting, especially when firmness accompanies it.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Lord, in imitation of you, teach me how to be firm, yet gentle and loving when I have to take an unpopular stand I know to be right.

Daily Reflection – July 19

“We must receive with respect whatever God presents to us, and then examine the situation with its circumstances in order to do what is most expedient.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

In resolving situations in my work, Lord, nothing can be accomplished without objectivity and reflection. In those circumstances, quiet my mind and calm my anxiety so I can be a part of the solution and not the problem.

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