Daily Reflection – September 9

“Our dear Savior was never in extremes.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

One of my greatest needs is for balance in my life, Lord. When I begin to go off on this or that tangent, bring me back to you, who are the center of my life and all things will fall into place.

Daily Reflection – September 8

“You have a thousand reasons for rejoicing in God and for hoping for everything from him through Our Lord who dwells within you.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

During the day, I will find at least one specific reason for rejoicing and make it a prayer to you, Lord.

Daily Reflection – September 7

“Many contradictory things happen to us: unfavorable opinions about ourselves, our works, our intentions. These contradictions have the advantage of preventing vain-glory, of obliging us to throw ourselves more confidently into the arms of God.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Contradictions have a way of leveling my excessive pride and challenging me to rely more heavily on you, Lord. I place my confidence in you.

Daily Reflection – September 6

“What, my sister? You bear with me so much, why should I not support you?”
– St. Louise de Marillac

Heavenly Father, I ask you to help me live with my own brokenness and have the mercy to forgive and support those with whom I live or work and who also bear the burden of their own brokenness. Lay your healing hand on us and unite us in a bond of mutual charity.

Daily Reflection – September 5

“May the good pleasure of God be forever the peace and calm of your afflicted hearts.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

“Hearken, O Lord, to my prayer and attend to the sound of my pleading. In the day of my distress I call upon you, for you will answer me.” – Psalms 86:6

Daily Reflection – September 4

“A weathervane is not more subject to air currents than the mind of a man to exterior agitations which draw him now to one thing, again to another. God permits this to test the good and to make them turn more strongly to him. Blessed are those who submit to his guidance, trusting his goodness and remaining peaceful amid these storms!”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Lord, in time of confusion, I thank you for being my rock of safety and the beacon leading me out of distress.

Daily Reflection – September 3

“Every step we take all day long is a step of nature or a step of grace.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Lord, I rejoice in my freedom to choose and in the knowledge that my life is formed by my choices. Help me to choose whatever is your will for me.

Daily Reflection – September 2

“Men are so constituted that even the holiest are disposed to contradict each other.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Keep far away from me, O Lord, the desire to argue and contradict others. When I do fail, give me the grace to be the first to apologize.

Daily Reflection – September 1

“We belong to God by his grace. What else do we wish, then, but to please him? If we are contradicted, this is not surprising; what merit is there in not being crossed? And who is there that can escape it? For every little contradiction, should one stop doing good? Good which gives glory to God?”
– St. Vincent de Paul

There is no such thing as a trouble-free life, devoid of conflict. When these situations do arise, Lord, provide me with the wisdom to view them as challenges rather than insurmountable obstacles.

Daily Reflection – August 31

“The thought that Our Lord himself had much to suffer from his disciples will greatly encourage you, for the more our sorrows resemble his, the more pleasing we are to him. If this were not my consolation, what would become of me?”
– St. Vincent de Paul

When those close to me fail to understand or support, it is comforting to know you suffered the same pain, Lord. At such times your presence consoles and encourages me.

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