Daily Reflection – September 28

“Bitter thoughts come from the evil spirit; those from Our Lord are gentle and mild.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Lord, it is so easy to yield to anger and impatience when things are stressful. Calm my quick temper when things don’t go my way. Keep me mindful that I owe my coworkers encouragement and not angry words.

Daily Reflection – September 27

“When God takes from us the power to labor, we should receive the trial courageously, letting it serve to elevate us above the things of earth and remembering that Our Lord, having permitted us to work for our neighbor, now wishes us to prepare for heaven.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

As I approach the twilight of my life, be with me O compassionate Lord. Let me rest in your presence because with you at my side, I have nothing to fear from death.

Daily Reflection – September 26

“…to be faithful is to persevere in the service of God right to the end, for without perseverance, all is lost.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Blessed Father, only through your power can I successfully complete the work entrusted to me. Give me the courage and grace to be faithful to the end.

Daily Reflection – September 25

“Renew once more the offering of yourself to God: give Him a continual sacrifice of your thoughts, words, and actions, desiring and praying only that all may be for His glory and the good of the hospital.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Dear God, be with me in a special way today. Help me to think positive thoughts so I can be a source of encouragement to those around me.

Daily Reflection – September 24

“Let us endeavor to grow more and more in the confidence that in whatever state we are placed by God we shall be secure, although we may think that we would be better off somewhere else.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Lord, when my confidence sags, and I find myself dissatisfied with where I am and what I am doing, bolster my courage and lead me to where you want me to be.

Daily Reflection – September 23

“Take every day as a ring which you must engrave, adorn and embellish with your actions, to be offered up in the evening at the altar of God.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Although the actions of my day are usually so ordinary, I will make a conscious effort to do as well as I can for your greater glory, Lord. Every evening I will take a few moments to review my day and the resolutions I made.

Daily Reflection – September 22

“I wish you a new heart and an entirely new love for Him who loves us unceasingly and as tenderly as if He were just beginning to love us: all the delights of God are ever new and full of sweetness because He never changes.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

“I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you, taking from your bodies your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts.”
– Ezekiel 36:26

Daily Reflection – September 21

“How obvious it is that God loves you since He gives you so many opportunities of serving Him.”
– St. Louise de Marillac

Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of serving you in the poor and needy, whether directly or indirectly. May there always be room in my heart for the homeless, the displaced and the suffering souls of this world.

Daily Reflection – September 20

“Let us serve God as He wishes, leaving to Him the disposal of all.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Today, Lord, I will be decisive and do something I’ve been putting off, leaving the outcome to you.

Daily Reflection – September 19

“We must know how to wait with patience and to expect more from God than from men.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

O God, your love for me is constant and true. Help me to be most fully the person you want me to be. I believe you will grant what I ask in your name.

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