Daily Reflection – May 11

"Blessed Guardians-- be watchful. Help us to use well the grace of the moment in the care and instruction of the little ones under our charge. Watch over them with us." - St. Vincent de Paul - Heavenly guardian angels, keep watch over our families and especially the...

Daily Reflection – May 10

"A charitable word is all that is sometimes necessary to convert an obdurate heart. In like manner one bitter word is capable of afflicting a soul and plunging it into a sadness that may be most injurious." - St. Vincent de Paul - Lord, help me to recognize the good...

Daily Reflection – May 9

"How good it is to trust God! Turn to Him often, then, as children look to their father and mother in their need." - St. Louise de Marillac - Dear God, I believe In You and place all my confidence in You, believing that my trust will never be confounded.

Daily Reflection – May 8

"We should spend at least as much time in thanking God for His favors as we have in asking them." - St. Vincent de Paul - Heavenly Father, I am grateful for all the blessings You constantly pour out on me. Today, in my prayer, I will take time to think about them.

Daily Reflection – May 7

"Do all in God's way." - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Those close to you, Lord, know the peace which comes from completely abandoning themselves to Your Divine Providence. Teach me how to do this as I move through the hours and days of my life.

Daily Reflection – May 6

"We should read good and useful books, and abstain from reading those that only gratify our curiosity." - St. Vincent de Paul - Help me, Lord, to be more discriminating in my reading and exposure to the media. I don't want my senses to be so loaded with what is...

Daily Reflection – May 5

"Into whatsoever state of blindness or obscurity I may fall, in whatever ignorance of God's ways I may chance to be, if I seek out God in the simplicity of my heart, I will surely find him.” - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Lord, I know you will not despise a contrite,...

Daily Reflection – May 4

"We should delay for several hours, and reflect will in the presence of God, before we correct by reproof, especially when the fault is great and the person is little disposed to receive correction." - St. Vincent de Paul - Lord, be with me when I have to reprove...

Daily Reflection – May 3

"It is well to suffer patiently and await the hour of God in the most trying affairs." - St. Louise de Marillac - Lord, is it so hard for me to "endure patiently" when what I have worked so hard to build is in danger of failing. At those times of crisis, let me take...

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