Daily Reflection – October 30

“Though for a time we may have yielded to temptation, let us now take courage and conquer the enemy by doing violence to self.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Forgive me, Lord, for the times I have yielded to temptation and sinned. Knowing that you love me so much you died to save me is my greatest motive for avoiding sin in the future.

Daily Reflection – October 29

“In the name of God, let us have ever more and more confidence in Him; let Him guide our little bark; if it is useful and pleasing to Him, He will save it from shipwreck and no matter how the importance and variety of the works of others threatens to swamp it, it will sail with all the greater security, amidst so many good ships, so long as it keeps straight on its own course, and does not cross their track by deviating from its own path.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

In these uncertain and confusing times, I place my confidence in you, Lord, to guide the work of my hands so it may be values-driven and benefit those I serve.

Daily Reflection – October 28

“Sometimes a work fails, not because a similar institution has been set up beside it and outdone it, but it has brought about its own ruin by making use of means contrary to the spirit of Christ in order to maintain itself in the first place.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

As I go about my work, Lord, help me to remember how important it is to do it ethically and with the right motives. The end never does justify the means.

Daily Reflection – October 27

“You must look forward. At all events this life is worth possessing, if it were only because while we have it we are candidates for a better one.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Lord, help me to put away all the burdens of the past and the fears I have for the future. Take from me anything that prevents me from moving toward a greater union with you.

Daily Reflection – October 26

“Are you weary after all the happenings and difficulties of the day? Well, in the evening you have this beneficial refreshment which will give energy to all your actions.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

When cares wear me down, restore and renew me, Lord, through the reading of your Scripture.

Daily Reflection – October 25

“After a storm comes sunshine, and the good God, who casts down and raises up again, makes joy succeed affliction, and lets the effects of his power be in the measure of our hope founded on goodness.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Dear God, I put my trust in you because you are my unfailing hope in time of need.

Daily Reflection – October 24

“Though truth and sincerity should ever guard our words, yet we should be careful never to offend others.”
– St. Louise de Marillac

Lord, I want to be honest and upright in my dealings with others. Keep from me all thoughts of vengeance or retaliation toward those who may have hurt me through a mistaken idea of speaking truth.

Daily Reflection – October 23

“We must not judge the designs of God according to human reason, although our puny minds incline us to do so.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

O God, sometimes your ways are a mystery to me, too great to comprehend. Let it be enough to know you love me and that I accept, even when I don’t understand.

Daily Reflection – October 22

“Naturally everyone wants the best for himself, whereas Our Lord wishes us to prefer the worst.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Instead of seeking the best for myself, Lord, teach me that only my very best is good enough for those I will be serving today.

Daily Reflection – October 21

“God can show his power by means of weak instruments, and his wisdom by ignorance. Blessed be his Holy Name!”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Lord, I thank you for the gift of this moment, this hour and this day. I consecrate to you all the good coming from my actions, whether great or small.

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