Journey out of homelessness

Would you believe that 1,110 CEO’s slept out in the cold and raised 5.3 million dollars to accompany the more than 50,000 homeless women and 25,000 youth under the age of 18 as they struggle to make the journey out of homelessness. Well, it is a fact of the 2013...
Vincentian “WalkAbout” for Homeless

Vincentian “WalkAbout” for Homeless

The Vincentian Family is very creative in finding ways to confront the issues of homeless. We have had CEO Sleepouts in Australia where even top level CEO’s commit to sleep out in order to experience and raise consciousenss, not only others but also their own....

SVDP VISION (New South Wales Australia)

The latest issue of Vision,  published thee times yearly by the Society of St Vncent de Paul in New South Wales, is now available online.   A number of interesting articles are attractively presented, including a report on the very successful CEO Sleepout for...