passages collectionThe Huffington Post writes “The Passage, A (Vincentian-based) Charity In London, Will Force You To Confront Your Own Visual Biases” (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Passage – fundraising initiative for the homeless has come up with an ad campaign that proves how far a simple idea can go.

Passages decided to have its volunteers stand in for the homeless using simple cardboard signs in a London train station, incredibly, donations went up by 25 percent in a three-hour timeframe, according to CLIO Healthcare, proving that visual bias dictates who we give to and who we walk past.

Vistors of recognize  The Passage as a Vincentian-based systemic change project. After you view the video think about what your reaction might have been.

The Passage – fundraising initiative for the homeless from PLBR on Vimeo.

The next time you want to walk by a homeless person, imagine them as affluent, well-dressed people, and see if this will make you stop.

The Passage provides resources such as basic care, education and housing to the homeless to inspire them to want to change their lives.


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