Technology opened up a new experience of the universality of Church when millions around the world were able to join in Eucharistic adoration with Pope Francis.

RomeReports writes. “It was five o clock in the afternoon in Rome, when the Eucharistic Adoration began in St. Peter’s Basilica. Simultaneously, the world followed. Given the fact that many countries celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi on Sunday, the Vatican organized a global, simultaneous Eucharistic Adoration to mark the Year of Faith.

Pope Francis prayed before the Blessed Sacrament and thousands of pilgrims came along as well to pray before the Eucharist for an hour. Throughout the world, in parishes and cathedrals, million of Catholics joined in, at that very moment.

The ceremony in Rome was solemn and simple. It included liturgical hymns, prayers and readings from the Bible, but above all, still periods of silent prayer.

In the Americas, the prayer was in the morning. In the Atlantic, Europe and  Africa, in the afternoon. In Asia it was night-time, while in the Pacific the prayer was in the overnight hours.The Pope didn’t give a speech before or after the ceremony, instead he simply prayed. But a few days before, he did say his prayer intention would be for a ‘more beautiful Church, without spots, wrinkles, or blemishes.’ He also prayed for those in need, including victims of war and trafficking and those who suffer from unemployment or exploitation at work.




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