guadalajara-300x181The international site of the Daughters of Charity writes of a Gold Medal awarded to the Daughters of Charity in Guadalajara, Spain for their two centuries of social work.

The Gold Medal of the Province of Guadalajara was given to the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul for their irreplaceable social work during two centuries. The Medal was accepted by Sister Ana María Esteras, the superior of the community.

The work began after the approval of the Constitution of 1812, ”to serve society“ and the importance of the services they have been providing during two centuries “to promote the provincial prosperity in diverse areas”.

 Sr Ana María said, that “the human person is fundamental”, and I say that “it should be the centre of the political action. That it is why we have to think what we can do to improve the life of all men and women.” Attendees were encouraged  to “follow the values of the Daughters of Charity and give our hands to those who need it most”.


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