The team of the International Website had their annual meeting from May 7 through 10 at the Motherhouse in Paris. The members of the team come from 6 different countries representing the 6 languages of the site. The members are:

DC web team

  • Sr. Katarzyna Pospieszynska, Province of Chelmno, Poland
  • Sr. Alicia Munoz, Province of Madrid St. Louise, Spain.
  • Sr. Carolina Mureb, Province of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Sr. Christina Laim, Quasi-Province, Translation Center, Paris (from the Province of Turin, Italy)
  • Sr. Mary Frances Barnes, Province of St. Louise, USA
  • Sr. Valerie Thurwaechter, Province of France South
  • Sr. Christa Bauer, liaison to the General Council

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