More than 46 million Americans live in a place that could be called the State of Poverty

The people of Poverty USA are family members, neighbors, colleagues – young and old, black and white, healthy and sick, rural and urban.

They are not making the headlines, much less the election-year rhetoric. Start exploring Poverty USA and help awaken others to the struggles of people living in poverty and the inspiring ways in which they are spreading hope.

Interactive Poverty Map

Get state- and county-level poverty rates, and other interesting poverty-related information. Start exploring.

Poverty Tour

Life at the poverty line is one difficult choice after another—but there are ways out. Tour Poverty USA.

Poverty Facts

Get the facts about Poverty USA: how many people live there, who they are, and policies that help. Get the facts.

Snapshots of Poverty

A look at the everyday lives of five people living in Poverty USA. See the Snapshots.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is an initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

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